Then we wrapped things up, left, and met up at the next venue a few hours later (with entirely unofficial photography).

These are a bit out of sequence, but we'll just go with Roy's numbers, okay?


Me and Dave outside in the parking lot (AKA "car park"). I don't go out without my shades.


Back inside, Dave's Auntie Christine and her daughter Charlotte. Charlotte has notice the camera, but her mum has not.


Most of the people who were at the wedding are in this shot, taken from the balcony above. Some people were outside abusing the car when this was taken.


Tin cans, streamers, balloons.... And the Best Man hid four packs of condoms in the car for Dave to find in the weeks to come. Dave traded that car in for a new one three weeks later, so we had to call Zareh and ask him where the last pack was.


Bride in shade, Best Chick in a leather jacket. What are you lookin' at?

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