Then we moved outside and took group photos...


That's Rosana, Dave, me (Susan), and Zareh. Those things hanging from my flowers are little gift thingies that people gave me for good luck. I have a chimney sweep (kiss him for a long, happy marriage) and a silver bell from Dave's father.


It was a very emotion-stirring event for me, this wedding, and I was afraid I would lose it and start crying (from joy, of course), so I was calling out loudly, "JOKES! I need JOKES!" People were obliging by telling all sorts of jokes, none of which I can remember. I think at least one of them was funny though.


Newnham College has a sunken rose garden, where we had a lot of the early photos taken. Unfortunately the only way into it was down some stairs, so we couldn't have all the photos taken there.


This is us with my sisters. Left to right, it's Kaye, JoLynne, Dave, Susan, and Nancy. They all like Dave.

Dave and me again. That dress is from San Francisco. I knew I didn't want to spend thousands of dollars on a dress I would wear once, but I wanted a dress I liked. Rosana was a good Best Chick, and forced me to go looking earlier than I wanted to go. The first outing was a fiasco, but the second outing was magical and gave us this dress and her dress as well, both at prices we were happy with. She told me after the charge slips were signed that she'd asked St Anthony (patron saint of lost things and things you need to find) to help us get a dress. It was the second one I tried on that day. Rosana is jewish, but St Anthony is happy to help people who don't actually believe in him. It's a great way to get parking spots too! Just remeber to thank him after.


That's me with Emma, Dave's niece. She was a bit pouty and didn't really want her photo taken, but they got her to stand there for a bit. In this shot, I have my hand firmly planted in her armpit and am doing my best to tickle her.


Dave joined us here. I think I might still have my hand in her pit.


That's my mother in front. The back row is Zareh the Best Man, Dave the Groom, Susan the Bride, Rosana the Best Chick, and Jim the Father of the Groom.


Look carefully... what's that over Mom's head? BAD Susan, BAD! No biscuit.


The adults of the families, and the Best People. Kaye, JoLynne, Zareh, Dave, Susan, Evelyn seated in front, Rosana, Jim, Nancy, and Linda.


Dave, Susan, and Evelyn. Susan is being good this time.


Front row is "Little David," Evelyn, and Emma. Back row is Kaye, JoLynne, Zareh, Dave, Susan, Rosana, Jim, Nancy, and Linda.


There are too many people in this one for me to name. Everyone who was outside at the time this was taken (except Roy the Photographer) is in it.


We're trying to set up a shot of the IVC people who were there at the time. Roy snapped one before we were officially positioned.


And there we are smiling on command. Roy did this one on a timer, so he is in it too. Second from the right.


Here we are with Dave's Aunt Christine, who is four years older than he is. They grew up as cousins, pretty much. Those are her daughters, Charlotte (the shorter one) and Amy.


Charlotte, Christine, Amy, Dave, and Susan again, but with feet this time.


Dave's sister Linda, Dave, and Susan. Linda is the source of the rumor that Dave had smelly feet as a child. It seems he had a phase around the age of 11 where he declined to change or wash his socks for extended periods. He's over that now.


Here we are with Susan and Don Hill from Walnut Creek, CA. Susan and Susan used to work together in a government office in San Francisco. Susan and Don like baseball and get season tickets to see Giants games. One day Susan asked Susan if she would like to use one of the spare tickets they had. Susan explained all the fine points of baseball to Susan, and now Susan is a Giants fan too. We all ganged up and took Dave to a game once too, although he insists on calling it a "match."


Dave, Susan, and Elaine. Susan and Chrono used to live in Elaine's house, and it is because of Elaine that Susan has Subway the cat in her care. Elaine used to be a wild punk rocker gal when she lived in Salt Lake City, but now that she lives in San Francisco she is into spinning wool and hemp into yarn and knitting hats with it. Always the rebel, that Elaine.

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