Then the speeches were delivered....


My sister gave the Father of the Bride speech. She did a wonderful job, and only told a few embarrassing stories about me. All fairly tasteful stuff. *whew*


She does seem to be enjoying telling stories here.


Dave had to give a speech too. He really didn't want this shot included, but seeing as he's shown everyone he could find all the really unflattering photos of me that he could find, I'm allowed a little payback. Besides, it just looks like he is singing! It's not that bad! Just as long as he doesn't actually sing....


He's starting to relax a little.... Oh, did you notice? Instead of cut flowers on the tables we had live plants. We went down to the garden center a day or two before the wedding and got some plants that were having nice blooms. My sisters wrapped the pots in green cloth and ribbons. It was a lot cheaper that way, and we still have the plants here!


Okay... more relaxed now. Dave thanked all the people who worked so hard to make this event come together, thanked our parents, and proposed a toast to the Best Chick. And a special thanks to the Tax Man for sending special mail arriving on the morning of the wedding.


All done! Yay! He did a much better job than I would have. Good thing HE got to be the groom instead of me.


Zareh really wanted to be the one to bang the gavel to get everyone's attention. Dave talked to the Newnham College guy about it, but when the time came, Zareh declined the chance.


Zareh had some complaints about how so few people took time out of the day to admire the good looks, charm, and modesty of the Best Man.


He said he'd taken Dave out drinking to get his deepest, darkest, juiciest secrets, so he could properly humiliate him on his wedding day, but since Dave does not drink alcohol, Zareh ended up being the one to spill all the juicy secrets about himself. He gave Dave a cheque to ensure his silence.


The only compromising information Zareh could get about Dave involved his smelly feet as a child. In case such a problem ever returned, Zareh gave me two little sachets, one for each of Dave's shoes, to save me from the pong.

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