10 April 1999
Dave and Susan got married!

These are the official photographs taken by the official photographer. The good news is that if you want to have hard copies of any of these, you can order them from him.
His e-mail address is Roy@ergough.freeserve.co.uk

His prices seem quite reasonable to me.
Color images are:

6 x 4 £1.00
7 x 5 £2.00
9 x 6 £3.00
10 x 8 £6.00
14 x 10 £8.00

Black and white (the last eight images)
7 x 5 £1.50
8 x 6 £3.00
10 x 8 £5.00

These pages hold thumbnail size images, but if you have a mad desire to, you can click on any one of them and see a larger version of the same thing.


Here we are looking a little nervous about the whole thing. We're pretending to sign the register. They don't allow the actual signing to be photographed, so by the time this was taken, we had already signed and were reenacting the event with a blank page and empty pen.


More pretending to sign....


Dave looks very distinguished in this one....


We had to stand there smiling for a long time. People wanted a LOT of pictures of this.


This is my family. That's my mother in pink, and my sisters, JoLynne, Nancy, and Kaye. They all flew in from the western US just for the wedding.


Dave is crouched down on the floor here, and I am trying to decide whether I want to cry or barf. It was a lot harder to walk down the aisle and stand up there saying vows and stuff than I thought it would be. Didn't go on for too long though. I'd say fully half of the ceremony was the registrar stopping the proceedings so people could come up and take photographs of us. I had no idea she would do that!


By this point I had given up even trying to pretend to still be signing the register. My name is long, but it's not THAT long. And no, I'm not changing it. Dave's surname is short, but you ALWAYS have to spell it. Once in a while people get mine right on their own. There are a lot of other reasons not to change it, so don't think I am just a convenience-hound.


We had a couple of floral displays made up by the florist in Willingham. She did them for a very reasonable price, and on very short notice. I'm going to use her for all of my weddings.


They gave us chairs to sit in for most of the ceremony. I'd never seen that before, but then I've never been to an English wedding before. My sisters Nancy and Kaye co-conspired to assemble the bouquet I am holding, and I made that head thingy myself.


EEEK! SNOG SHOT! Avert your eyes!


Zareh the Best Man and Rosana the Best Chick signed the register as the official witnesses.


They're having a lot more fun being photographed than I am! They're both so photogenic, don't you think?


Yes, they're very happy to be there. My sisters made the bouquet for Rosana too, and she made her own head thingy (I made her, she didn't want to). I think she looks very nice in it.


After we signed, they had us sit there for a while and be photographed some more while they sorted out the marriage certificate for us.

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