Then we wandered off and had some cute couple pics taken...


Okay okay okay, so Dave's father and I are not really a couple, but he is very cute, don't you think?


Ahhhh... finally a chance to sit down! And I feel less conspicuous in that setting. YOU try spending a day dressed as a giant cotton ball!


Ruh roh...another snog shot!


This one has the fuzzy filter so everything except us is blurred a bit.


This is one of my favorites. Look how tall Dave is! When my mother first saw a photo of us together, she asked me whether he minded that I was so short. I am actually exactly average height for a United States female, so I figure it should really be ME who gets to object to HIS height. Which I don't.


Snog alert! Snog alert! *whew* Just missed!


Another one of us under the trees....


Roy got permission for us to go into the grassy and flowery bits that were posted to be not gone on. He brought along a little towel so I didn't have to get grass stains on the knees of my dress. I wasn't quite willing to sit down though.


And here the spring flowers have been blurred a bit by that fuzzy filter again. I got to be snuggled up to Dave. Mmmmmmm....

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