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This page is about

Christopher is currently a baby toddler. He was born 13 September 2001, a week before his due date.

Christopher Words

Say what? He's learning to talk! Here are some recordings of him in action:

This first one was a bit of a technology test, but we had him do some flash cards. He's very excited and shouting the answers. Flash cards. (29 January 2004)

In the second one, he's reading the letters of the alphabet off of my computer screen. Alphabet. He doesn't know "the alphabet," but he does know all the letters. (3 February 2004)

Mommy mommy (9 March 2004)

Mommy mommy (16 June 2004)

Baby Pictures

Click here for the photographic version of Christopher's progress

Christopher Updates

Click here for the text version of Christopher's progress

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