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6 August 2002
Today Christopher managed a new feat. I left him free-range in the mostly baby-proofed living room while I made his breakfast, and when I got back he was covered head to toe in chocolate. He gave himself a Galaxy bath. Yes, I'd managed to leave some chocolate in a place I thought he couldn't get to, and I got it wrong. He must have been wearing more than he ate, but the lesson is learned. Leave no chocolate behind! He did seem to enjoy the experience, though, and we have further evidence that he was not switched at the hospital.

He's had a few crabby days, which we think are due to teething. We can't actually spot where the new teethies are planning to pop, but teething gel calms him down. I suppose he could go on like this for months, but I think he will enjoy having more teeth once he gets them. He's made excellent use of the two he's got.

When watching television, he always pays special attention to the advertisments for helping organizations. He seems very concerned about third world children, cancer suffers, and animal welfare. We wonder if this foretells his career choice. Maybe they just have music he likes.

And he does like music. He's trying to sing along more often, sometimes with success. I definitely detected a pass at "Three Blind Mice" the other day.

I've noticed some of the other babies his age point at things, where he does not. I've realized though that he usually just goes to get what he wants himself. He's very mobile, and very focussed.

15 August 2002
Recent developments include such things as putting things in places deliberately. He'll put on top on top of other toys, or on a shelf. He's also getting into anticipation. When I put him in his car seat, he knows that both shoulder straps have to fit into the buckle between his legs, and he's begun to find it and get it into position for me to fasten it all up. He know's he's clever when he does that and gives me a very proud smile.

He's had a lot of social interaction lately. He spent three days at Potter's Camp, which featured two nights in a tent and several dozen pottery buffs giving him attention. He was perfectly happy to have anyone hold him or push his strolled around for him. I think he acquired several honorary aunts and uncles, and maybe a few grandparents. He got to meet up with another baby a few months older than he is on Saturday night, and was feverishly trying to crawl after the boy as he ran around the field. We wonder if this will inspire attempts to walk himself.

On Tuesday Emma and Lewis from San Francisco turned up and ran errands with us. He was fascinated by Lewis' goatee, and they became instant friends over some scraps of bread. They played so much that by the end of the day, Christopher was laughing when he even got near Lewis, anticipating the fun. He had a good time with Emma too, but the guys really had something special going. We went punting in the evening, and Christopher spent the whole time crawling from lap to lap and throwing his snacks to the birds.

He's still happy playing quietly with toys a lot of the time, but loves his interactions and observations of other people. He laughs ever more readily, and cries less and less.

Swimming classes are suspended for the month, but it was so hot yesterday that we popped down to the tiny above-gound public pool in the next village for a while. It's a bit cold for him, so we didn't stay long, but he made a lot of friends. They're not used to seeing 11 month old boys swimming there. He's especially popular with the 10 year old girls.

He's got less interest in his nappy table toys over the last few days. What a boy.

He likes grocery shopping, and spend a lot of time on the last few trips singing "ah daye daye daye!" at the top of his lungs, doing the twist in his trolley seat, and trying to grab the groceries from behind him in the basket.

Not much to report on the babbling/word front. The other day I asked him if he wanted a banana, and he did say ma-ma-ma in the same cadence as banana. He didn't really want one though, at least not to eat. He just kept putting it on a picnic plate still in the living room after the camping trip.

Everything is a drum. He likes to play the actual drum we have, but also enjoys drumming on the metal biscuit tin. I let him use a tambourine with a drum bit so he could play Tracy Partridge, and he likes that a lot. The top of any table works too. Okay, so anything at all works. He's still trying to master wind instruments, but isn't nearly so confident with them, despite earlier drain pipe digeridoo success.

He spends a lot of time standing up, either holding on or not holding on. He can stand up in the middle of a room, and he can cruise around holding on to things indefinitely. He spends a lot of time doing exercises to improve his balance and reflexes, but as yet has not made that first step on his own. It could happen any second now if he felt like doing it, but he might also wait six months. Whatever time he chooses is fine with me.

17 August 2002
I caught Christopher rehearsing. He was singing (I can't remember what song it was, but I think it was either the Dora the Explorer or Blue's Clues theme song) and missed a note, so he went back and did the riff again, getting it right. Neither Dave nor I can carry a tune in a bucket, so I'm not sure where he gets this, but I'm glad he's dedicated to following his own interests and doing it well.

When he was a tiny baby, I had a really hard time cutting his nail unless he was out cold because he'd pull his hands and wriggle and squirm and do anythin he could to avoid having them cut. Over the months he has gradually gotten better about it, and now he's nearly perfect. This week when I cut his nails, he held out the fingers one at a time for trimming. He didn't want them all done, but he did present the ones he thought ought to be snipped. I'm afraid I overruled on the ones he tried to retain. Mean mummy.

20 August 2002
Christopher is now riding in his new big boy front-facing car seat, the one he will use until he's about four. He wasn't sure when I strapped him in for the first time, and he gave a lot of extra grunts, moans, and squeals during his first ride. Not sure if that was about the seat or in response to the window that he can now see out of. He had a cheese bap on our way home from the store, and so settled in with a grin.

His new game over the past few days is conducted from his wooden playpen with bars. He'll take a ring from his ring stacking set, drop it over the top, then reach down through the bars and pick it up. Repeat as necessary (which is a good dozen times). He also likes to put things on tables. He will squeal with laughter if you approach him with claw hands, anticipating the tickling to follow.

25 August 2002
Christopher just got up for the day and had a nice nursing session to kick it off. We did that lying in the single adult bed that lives in his room, so the following was possible: Nurse long and deep on left. Get full enough not to be upset anymore, wonder what's happening elsewhere. Sit up, spot other side, launch self over mummy, landing with mouth on nipple. Turn back of head to all different angles while staying attached. Sit up and launch self to other side. Spot pacifier in mummy's hand, take it, suck for 10 seconds, hand it back to mummy. Locate left nipple again, latch on while lying on side. Not moving head, rotate body to lie on back. Decide that's no good, rotate body to lie on tummy. Decide that's no good. Stand up with legs while top half of body bends down to stay latched on. Sit up, giggle at mummy, take pacifier, suck for 10 seconds, hand pacifier back to mummy, dive for other breast, leaving body strewn horizontally across mummy's. Practice swim kicks while nursing on right.

I could go on, but I think you get the idea.

The above scene is not unique around these parts, but fresh in my memory. Today's rendition was made more interesting when he decided that mummy needed to suck the pacifier too. He held it up to my mouth, but pulled it back when I tried to take it with my hand. He carefully pointed to my lips before offering it again, and was delighted when I took it in my lips (lips curled over my teeth -- it's not like I need to go looking for any more baby spit in my life).

The other day he was having his dinner (aka Tea if you're English) while standing in his wood playpen, which is in the computer room. I had my chair up to the side and was feeding him with a spoon. He decided to go see daddy, so I handed the bowl over to him. Daddy fed him for a while, then he walked over to see mummy. I fed him for a while, and he went back to see daddy. I think we each had three or four turns before the food was gone.

Current favorite food is fromage frais. He can be stuffed to the gills with regular food, and still find room for that if it becomes available. He's still a big fan of sweet potatoes and anything with cheese. I'm trying to encourage him to accept more texture in his food, but he's not convinced. Anything not chopped finely enough falls victim to the "automatic coin rejector." If you're feeding him any time soon, don't retreat too quickly with that spoon, or you might have to race to get the rejected food off the floor before anyone can step in it.

1 September 2002
August is over now, so all the babies who will start school with Christopher are done being born.

This week we had a visitor, Shannon from San Francisco, New Zealand, and Germany. I met her in SF, but she grew up in NZ and now lives in Germany. Shannon and Christopher played many wonderful games together, including such classics as "knock the book off the chair so Shannon will pick it up and push it over the arm of the chair back at him, repeat 10,000 times." Shannon has endless patience for this game.

A while back I bought a little baby splashing pool that was going for 3.99 at a local grocery store. End of season and all that. Dave blew it up and I filled it with water. It seems like it would be too cold for him, but Christopher walks all the way around the inside, over and over, holding on to the edge, stopping to splash, chasing floaty toys around, squealing with delight or babbling emphatically. Sometimes he falls over and ends up on his seat, but he just gets right back up. He's good at letting me know when he wants to get out, which is some time after his teeth start chattering.

Real swimming classes will start up again some time in September. I think he'll be glad to get into a warmish pool, but I think he'll also miss being able to stand up in the water.

While he cannot yet be considered a walker, he's definitely got all the skills he needs to be one. He can cover a distance just as fast as any walking baby if there are things to hold on to, and will not hesitate to drop to his knees to get somewhere if there are no hand bridges for him. The big development this week is that if it's just one step between hand-holds, he'll actually stay on his feet and throw himself to the next support rather than resorting to knee action.

Christopher met up with another baby for a play session on Thursday. I keep reading that babies this age just do not play with each other. I suppose in some technical sense they weren't, but it sure looked like they were. Christopher got a toy and put it in his mouth. Geoffrey took the toy away from him and put it in his mouth. Christopher took the toy away from Geoffrey and put it in his mouth. Repeat, repeat, repeat. Then Christopher decided to see what their kitchen was like (we were at Geoffrey's house). He crawled away, looking behind now and then to see where Geoffrey was, then crawling on once he was sure he was being followed. They went to several locations together, and ended up at the far end of the kitchen having snacks, teaching each other the best techniques for massaging the crumbs into the washing machine door.

Christopher is a boy who likes a good pacifier to suck on now and then. He's good at finding them when he wants one, but will pop one out of his mouth in a heartbeat if something better comes along. His latest trick is to take it out of his own mouth and try to put it in mummy or daddy's mouth. He thinks this is high humor.

He's got quite a few ticklish spots and enjoys a good tickle before bed. It seems to me that such activity would make him alert, but it seems to be just what is needed to calm him down for the night.

I obtained a few new items of baby gear at the local car boot market. I got a new (used) umbrella stroller in good condition, and I got a back carrier. He is very uncertain about the stroller because he's up higher and isn't cradled in as much as he was with the old one. I like it better because its handles are high enough that I don't have to bend to grasp them (and if I had to bend, spare a thought for poor Dave) and it has a small basket underneath. It also has a sun shield. Christopher will just have to get used to it.

We tested the back carrier thingy on a nice walk at Wicken Fen last Sunday. He's very unsure about being put in it, and complains loudly, but once we get going he's perfectly happy for as long as I care to walk. At least within the limits tested so far. An hour, maybe? It puts his eyes at the very same level as my eyes, so although I can't see him, I can tell him what I AM seeing and he can see it too.

After not seeing him for a month, Geoffrey's mother said he looked different, and decided it was because he now has hair. It's hard to see in photos, but his fuzz is actually over an inch long in back. The color is still "translucent." He's a bit thinner on top, and the blue veins in his head still show up pretty well, but at least they don't bug out as much as they used to when he cries.

The fire engine red bum has returned with all the accompanying wailing at the sight of the nappy changing table. It's been a miserable few days with lots of crabby baby noises, crying, and generally not being made happy by anything. I wonder if this means we'll be seeing any new teeth soon. He's still only got two teeth, and they broke through in early May. It's about time for some new pearly whites.

It's been a slightly rough few days, probably because of impending teeth, or maybe approaching birthday angst. He had what I considered to be a crabby day, after which Shannon commented on what an even tempered baby he is. He really is a sweet little creature, and doesn't complain nearly as much as he could.

3 September 2002
Christopher just learned to clap his hands. He's so proud. I'm so proud. Dave is so proud.

Yesterday I went grocery shopping, and bought more fromage frais. Christopher started wailing himself silly because he wanted to eat it right away. I let him play with a packet of mushrooms, which distracted him until we got home, but then when they were made available, he wanted FOUR servings. Okay, they're small containers, but that's double his usual max. I gave him two, then cleaned up his face and dropped the containers in the trash bin. He cried, and went to the trash to pull the containers out. Right, he needs more. I brought out two more but only let him see one. He ate it all up, I cleaned up his face again, threw out the container, and put the spoon on the side table. He walked over to the table (holding on to furniture), got the spoon, handed it back to me, and opened his mouth. No mistaking his intentions. He was well satisifed with the fourth container, and moved on blissfully to play time.

He's seeming heavy to me, so I weighed him this morning. 23.6 pounds, which puts him in the 75th percentile for weight. Now I just have to check his height to see if it's a reasonable match. He's a very muscular baby, and very active, so I think he's just fine, but a lot of boy to pick up and carry around.

Playpen-A We have a lot of laughs around here. He's really getting into initiating games of peek-a-boo, with him being the one to hide his face. He laughs easily, and when caught off guard will check to see if we're laughing and will join in if we are.

He likes to move parental hands. If there is a hand where he doesn't want one, he will quite firmly move it away. This can be mummy's hand pushing the shopping trolley, daddy's hand on the edge of the playpen, mummy covering up her face, etc.

Current fascination is with things that have doors on. He has a toy fire engine with a back door, which he sits opening and closing for hours on end (it seems). He'll put all sorts of things in there, then take them out again. He also has an "Old woman who lived in a shoe" toy with a hinged roof, a side door, and a toe door. We spend a lot of time putting things in and taking things out. He's figured out that if I put something in the toe, he can get it out the side. He's even figuring out what size things will go through which doors. He by no means limits himself to toy doors. He's completely taken with the latch on his bedroom door, which he can play with if he's on the big bed. He turns it both ways, and observes the effect on the latch.

He's got a new category of achievement called the "this can't be true" category. Under this category, he puts his toys away. Tonight he had a bath, and when it was almost time to get out, he put all his bath toys on the ledge where they are kept. He also likes to put things into the toy box in the living room, but he likes taking them out again just as much.

Spider still keeps a healthy distance, but Lacey the cat believes she can will Christopher into submission as she can all other living things, and stands her ground. Oblivious to her hypnotic eyes, he will gently pet her with a flat hand, but occasionally will grab her tail and start trying to swing. She weighs less than six pounds now, so he's certainly strong enough to send her flying if he gets the chance. So now those of us who ARE hypnotised by Lacey spend a fair amount of time trying to protect her until he really grasps the meaning of the word "gentle." The amazing thing is that if he does get to her, she just takes it. She could easily scratch or bite him, but she never does. What a cat.

Playpen- B Dave has had to reconfigure his computers. He's got an elaborate setup with various machines under his desk. Christopher's playpen goes part way under his desk, and the bars are far enough apart that he can reach quite a bit of the perimeter. Twice now he's reached over and pulled Dave's hard drive right out of the computer while he was using it. Ouch. Some data was lost, but Dave moved things around so now all Christopher can do is drum on the top of one of the disused metal computer boxes.

5 September 2002
We have a walker! Yes, Christopher can walk. Here's the thing though: He doesn't know he can walk. First I took him over to where the other babies were playing and set him down, but he deliberately landed on his feet and stayed there. He eventually sat down, but it was in his own good time. Later, he was at a baby play meeting and was getting into an area he ought not to have been in, so I took both his hands and walked him away from it. He was hardly touching my hands, but was running. A little bit later I needed to move him again and took only one of his hands, and he was walking perfectly upright with very little support. A little later than that, he was inspecting the wheels on someone's bicycle, and decided to go see another baby. I was standing between them, so he lunged out to grab my skirt to support him in his journey. He made the trip, but as the wearer of that skirt I can tell you that he was pulling it up more than he was supporting himself with it. Supports are very welcome and desired, but not strictly necessary. He's been doing a lot of one or two step unsupported journeys both for me and for Dave over the last week, but I wouldn't be surprised if he was full out walking by the time he turns one. If he wants to wait, that's just fine with me, but he's definely got everything he needs to walk walk walk.

I took his fire-engine butt to the doctor yesterday evening. It's not just red, it's raw and weepy. The diagnosis is thrush/yeast. Poor little critter. There is some improvement, but a long way to go. He's got a new cream to go on that has an anti-fungal and some cortizone in it. It has to be kept in the refrigerator, but the coldness of it seems to be okay with him.

7 September 2002
Over the past few days I have been amazed to note that when asked a question, Christopher will nod his head for yes and shake his head side to side for no. Examples: "Do you want some more food?" Shakes head no and walks away. "Do you want some mama milk?" Shakes head yes and puts arms up to be lifted, latches on enthusiastically.

His walking is improving all the time, but he still limits himself to just a few steps at a time. It's just that there are more times.

He finds ever more delight in the animals. He's been stroking Chrono's ears with sufficient delicateness that the dog does not complain. Although he gets a bit overzealous with Lacey's tail, he will stroke her back and head with a flat hand. He squeals with delight when he reaches for her. She doesn't generally complain when he does get her tail, but we've taken to putting up baracades to protect her when he gets totally fixate on tail grabbing.

8 September 2002
Today Christopher tried Marmite flavored rice cakes. He thinks they're the bees knees.

Last night we all went to a potters camp reunion party. Christopher has been doing very well with his 8pm bedtime, so I was curious to see what his reaction would be to a schedule disruption. He was quite active until just a little after bedtime, then we put him in his stroller, covered his legs with a blanket, and pushed him back and forth. He didn't fall asleep until we left several hours later, but sat quietly holding an ear and watching everyone. He was very popular with the people there because he was so well behaved and interactive, not to mention cute. He had a longer than usual nap today, but his spirits are good.

He's having a good time with throwing things and hoping someone will hand them back. I'm no fun, because I won't do it endlessly. I quite often just move things to a place where he can get them himself. Party-pooper mummy, that's me.

His nappy rash is clearing up, which is a great relief to us all.

After a break of several months, he is once again blowing raspberries on my arm. I love it.

If I'm spoon feeding him, and a little glop gets in the corner of his mouth, he does not want me to clean it for him, but definitely wants it cleaned. He will use his fingers to push the offending food items into his mouth. He's a tidy boy. Unless you count all the food he ends up wearing, anyway.

17 September 2002
Christopher had a busy week. On Monday we went to Under Ones for the last time. Most of the babies there can't even roll over, so nearly-walking Christopher can't bond with the other kids very well anyway. It was a little strange to see the 3 week old babies and realize that they will be in the same class in school as Christopher. The cutoff here is 30 August, so Christopher will be among the oldest in his class at school when he goes.

On Thursday we went to the Older Babies play group. It's made up of babies who got too big for baby yoga. He's the oldest of the group and the first one to have a birthday. He got a fruit and spice cake to share with the other babies and mums, and a couple of very cool presents.

On Friday we started swimming lessons again, same pool but with a different teaching group. He cried and cried in the locker room, but once his tush hit that water he was all grins. Despite not having been in a real pool more than once in the last six weeks, his skills seem to have grown and expanded. He holds onto the side by himself much better, and never fell into the water because of losing his grip. He did something new, which is to travel along the length of the rail by moving one hand at a time in the desired direction. He had a good time splashing and swooping (with help from me) in the water. The once-dreaded jump from the side of the pool brought a big smile of anticipation, and he jumped in with glee.

After a good long (well-deserved) nap, we went to another baby group made up of babies that Christopher joined when they were all fetuses. Mary, Austin, and Maya helped him eat chocolate birthday cake, play with toys, run and crawl around, and generally entertain one another while the mummies caught up and compared notes. Christopher is the youngest of that group. One of the other babies is walking quite well, and her mother said that she learned it at 12.5 months. Our world is about to change tremendously if he learned to get around like Mary does.

Back to the house, we found Dave, Grandad, and cousin David (aka Stanley) waiting for us. I disappeared to the kitchen to whip up a cake, while the males all got reacquainted. Christopher loves his grandfather and his cousin, and seems to remember them from previous visits. He and Stanley play well together with endless patience for each other. After a bit of propper food, Christopher got his cake, which he dutifully crumbled all over the floor, although I suspect he accidentally got some in his mouth.

On to present opening time, and Christopher made out like a bandit. He got lots of musical toys, including a xylophone, castanets, maracas, and cymbals, along with a great puzzle, and TWO nice big mega blok toys from grandad. He got a spoon and fork set that have short, chunky handles, and he got many cute clothes. We all played and played until bath and bed time.

Saturday we went out early to get our photos taken, then we split up. The elder men disappeared to do elder errands, while Stanley, Christopher, and I went to the Saturday Market, which is a car boot/flea market type thing. I got a few good bargains on things we needed, then we all met up back at the house. After a bite to eat, Stanley announced sixteen dozen times that he was bored (it sucks to be 12) so everyone but Dave went into Cambridge to wander around aimlessly. That was fine with Christopher, who enjoys a good stroller ride as much as the next baby. Possibly more.

Christopher and Stanley played together for a good long time, playing a rousing game of "Christopher closes the Game Cube every 3 seconds and Stanley reopens it while trying to play a game on it." Another favorite was the grunting competition. No clear winner in that one, except maybe the people who got to watch.

Sunday morning we had to say goodbye to the visiting relatives, and then spent the rest of the day resting up for another year.

Monday we let him take his new fork for a test drive, and he did a stellar job at feeding himself with utensils for the very first time in his life. He was very proud of himself. Maybe even almost as proud as his parents were.

26 September 2002
We have a walker! Okay, so I said that before, that he could walk but that he didn't know it yet. Well. now he knows it and so does everyone else. He can walk down the hall, around a corner, into the kitchen, and stick his hands in the dog's water dish. He can step over things, around people, turn, catch his balance, compensate if he steps on uneven surfaces, you name it. His bum does hit the floor several times an hour, but that's still a huge advance for him.

His hair does seem to be filling in with more hairs now, although not really longer than they were a month ago. It's hard to tell in photos that he has hair because what hair he has is head-colored. It's thicker in back, slowly working its was forward.

Last Friday we went swimming at the baby pool again, and Dave managed to come by with the video camera. He was in an excellent mood (although he still screams in the lockerroom) and had loads of fun.

Dave reports that during a Christopher meal, the dog was scrounging around looking for fallen treasure. The feeding had gotten to the point where the baby took the bowl to try to feed himself. He overturned it right on the dog's head! Tuesday we went to visit Jacqui and Maya in Ely. He loves their new house, and walked through all the downstairs rooms with a wooden block in each hand, making his happy-chappy squeals. He and Maya played on a big beanbag chair, stole each other's drinks, shared a snack, and generally entertained each other. We introduced Maya to some of our favorite games. She seemed to approve.

Thursday we went to the Older Babies group, but it was just us and Geoffrey (and his mother). The boys crawled around playground equipment, had a snack or two, and Christopher walked around the enclosed area on his own. I put him on a slide and let him take three controled rides down, which he loved. and he sat on the little roundabout/merry-go-round while I pushed it around slowly. Also a winner in his book.

To the store to stock up on bagels and cheese, then a brief trip to see Dave at work, and we were off to a new playgroup. He'd been going to Under Ones in the next village, but now that he is over one, he's no longer eligible. He's really much too active to be with little babies now anyway. We happened to be the first people at 1-2-2s today, which was good because he got a chance to get used to the room before it was full of children. He does seem to want a little extra adjusting time in new situations these days. It wasn't long before he was into the toys, chirping happily, talking (in Christopher-speak) to all the other kids, and pushing around all the wheeled toys -- with a wooden block in each hand. He banged the blocks on different things around the room and seemed to be enjoying the different sounds. He really liked the sound they made on the fire extinguisher, but I made him stop. Mean mummy. He also tried them on a table, doors, walls, the floor, benches, and various toys. Not sure what it is about those blocks, but he held them firmly while every other kid in the room tried to take them from him. One little girl decided to beat him up, pulling his hair and pushing him over, but he didn't seem to be terribly concerned about it. She didn't really get a good grip on his hair, and her mother intervened quickly. I did see her push or pull him at least half a dozen times though. Not sure what that's all about, why she picked on him in particular, but he certainly did seem to have her attention.

Then we came home and both fell asleep. It's hard work being a walker, or even being the mummy of one.

28 September 2002
All this exciting walking made me completely forget to report that Christopher now has a third tooth showing. It's on the top, just to the right of center.

We had a good time swimming on Friday, as usual. The other mothers comment on how good he is in the water and how much he seems to enjoy it. Dave went along again with the video camera, so we might just get to see photos of the session later on.

We stopped off at the apple farm to get some (you guessed it) apples, and Kit was too squirmy to hold, so I put him on the floor. After a minute of clinging to my leg and playing peek-a-boo with the farmers, he was off. He got into a display of Spartan apples and had one in each hand, walking around, tapping them on various surfaces and against each other. I said I would pay for them, but the farmer thought it was cute, and said he could keep them. I let him hold onto them in the car on the way home, and when Dave took him and them out, he discovered that he'd bitten into one of the apples. Making good use of that little bit of upper enamel already!

He's been developing a new favorite game, which is moving other people's body parts around. He thinks it is high humor, and laughs riotously when he does it. He'll move my hands off the bar on the shopping trolley. He'll push my knees together and apart over and over. He moves my arm into every position he can think of. Give it a push, stop and laugh, give it a pull, stop and laugh, shove it down, stop and laugh. Baby humor at its finest.

Oh yeah... he's been requesting an earlier bedtime. We used to put him to bed at 8pm, but in the past week or two he starts yawning and making a big deal of being sleepy, so we are now letting him go to bed at 7:30. He did not get this from Mummy.

As much time as Christopher spends holding his ears, you'd have thought he knew more about them by now. A little while ago he seemed warm to me, so I used the electronic ear thermometer on him (he was fine). Afterward, he spend a good long time exploring his ear holes and folding his ear flaps over the holes. He never knew they could do that before!

29 September 2002
Okay, he wasn't just fine. He came down with his first big cold today. He is a total snot faucet. He's also power-drooling because his nose doesn't work and he has to breathe through his mouth. He soaked several shirts today. He coughs and coughs. He has a hard time nursing because he has to stop sucking to breathe every few seconds, which makes him cry, which makes him need to stop and breathe more. Poor little critter.
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