I've been getting a number of requests for photos of myself as a hugely giant pregnant person. I'll confess that we haven't actually been taking a lot of photos lately because it's hot, I'm tired, and documenting my hugeness is not something I am particularly inspired to do. We're working on it though. Here's what we have so far.

26 Weeks - 1

This one is at 26 weeks. No, I do not wear that dress out of the house. It's just something good for the back garden, around the house, and staying cool.

26 Weeks - 2

This is the artwork of my brother-in-law, Brice, who was speculating about what I might look like later on in pregnancy.

32 Weeks -

This one was a quick little shot in the back garden, just to give a general idea of current dimensions. The sun was in my eyes, I'd just woken up, and I was having a bad hair day. Don't look at me, look at the bump.

32 Weeks -

Same thing here, look down. I wanted to have photos taken because I just happened to be wearing my Austin Motel t-shirt, and I thought it made quite an image. The logo is somewhat phallic, and as I understand it, the motel itself used to be the sort of place one rented rooms by the hour. It's much posher now, but they've left the suggestive sign. I just thought, given my condition... well... you know.

32 Weeks - 3

Okay, later in the day, and I've managed to get dressed and put on my sunglasses. Chrono is one hot dog! I admit it, I tucked the dress in a bit around the bump so you can see the dimensions better.

32 Weeks - 4

He's still a bit of a mama's dog, even at 12.5 years of age. Noodle is providing a nice drink rest for me.

32 Weeks - 5

Even a mama's dog sometimes has to forego a snuggle in favor of shade. Noodle is helping to make more shade than was previously possible but the dog hasn't quite found his way to it yet. That drink is grape Kool-Aid in fizzy water, ice, no sugar or sweeteners. It's REALLY good in this weather. I still have to test it in other weather.

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