Let's start off with a few baby pictures, shall we?

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Here are some photographs of me through the ages.

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Here are a few photos of me through the ages.

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Susan and Nancy 1962
I'm the little one. Most people who see this photo can't get over the fact that I look almost exactly the same as I did when I was a baby. Of course I am bigger and have dark hair now, but other than that, it appears I stopped developing before all my teeth were in. Scary.

Sv2 - 11/63
Here I am in early November 1963. I was 2.75 years old. If you want to know where I was when Kennedy was shot, I can't tell you, but I was probably still in that dress. They never pinned that shooting on me.

Susan's HS yearbook

This is my high school yearbook photo. I lived in Hawaii that year, and had to have my photo taken before I even started at that school. They made every senior female wear that same lacy thing. They refused to take my picture without it. I hardly ever wore shoes that year.

Susan and Chrono 1990

I had a perm in this one! Well, everyone should do it once in their life. I am actually sitting on the floor with my 95 pound dog cradled in my lap, which sort of explains his expression. This photo was taken around Christmas 1990, before I had my soul removed.

Susan and Bill 1994
This is me with my friend Bill in NYC a few hours before he got married. We were coming out of the building he was going to move into after his honeymoon, and getting ready to go on a nice walk through Washington Heights. This was August 24, 1996. They're still married!

Susan and Shayna
This dog loves me! She literally threw herself belly-up on my lap, and her owner snapped a quick Polaroid to commemorate the event. Her name is Shayna.

Susan and Chrono 1997

I can't remember why I had Chrono down on the floor like that. I think he was about to kiss the photographer, Marianne, during her June 1997 visit.

Susan and Subway 1997

Subway the grey tabby caught most of the flash on this one. It's from June 1997. You can see a stack of of my bowls on the counter.

Susan and Marianne
Marianne and I have been photographed together several time. To the best of my knowledge, this is the only photo in which we both look good. That's Chrono on my lap.

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