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Here are links to the pages of some people I know.

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This is Dave's page. I like him a lot. DAVE

It was 1975. I was just barely 14, she was still 13, but we were joined by common misery in Mrs. Bengston's English class. Yes Mrs. Bengston, we still curse your name for taking all the joy out of learning. We've been through a lot in the years that followed, but remain friends to this day. ROSANA

I met Marianne in an AOL chat room called "Vegetarian Party Room." She was offering everyone who entered the room organic carrots to snack on. We've spent vacation time at one another's homes. We've chatted by instant message about every imaginable topic. Without Marianne, I might never have met Dave. MARIANNE

Richard is always ready to enter into the spirit of things, in a reserved, Limey sort of way. Good fun, that Richard. RICHARD

David Reid is another Limey. He's a devil with his video camera, but he does manage to keep good records of assorted goings-on. He's not at all shy about making embarrassing things public. You have been warned. DAVID REID

Chris came to my home in San Francisco once. He's interested in all kinds of geeky things, and in photography. He lives in New York, but he was raised a Limey. CHRIS

I haven't seen George for a while, but I think he is still in a band and writing for various dodgy rags. I once had a bonding experience with his little dog, who really can't help how small he is.GEORGE

I met Mark in Hell, which in case you didn't know, is located near Brunswick, Georgia. I think we've both nearly recovered from the experience, but the friendship remains. Marks website is down for some reason, but when he gets a new one, the link will go here. MARK

Mike! is in a band called The Jack Saints. He likes to break bottles on his head during shows, but in person, he mumbles and is very quiet and polite. MIKE!


Tony is in several dozen bands, some of which he is the only member. He is a musical fiend. Click on this link at your own risk. TONY

Renee needs to get off her tuchus and make a real webpage. Until then, you can look at the few images she's managed to upload. RENEE

I recently met Kasia in the baggage claim area of an airport, but we'd been chatting online for many years before that. KASIA

Shannon is an old pal from San Francisco. She is now a world explorer and adventurer working out of a small German village. If she's trying to go incognito, she is a miserable failure. SHANNON

I know Ryl and Bruce from San Francisco. Ryl is another clay-head, and was a very important influence in my decision to marry Dave. Bruce is a geek, but the really good kind, like Dave is.RYL AND BRUCE. Here is Ryl's clay site: RYL

Let me know if I should have your link here with these fine folks'.


Here are the links to some sites I've enjoyed. Some are funny, some are informative, some are absurd, some are... well, you just have to guess why I like some of them. They are in no particular order, just to keep it sporting.

Action Toys are located in the US, but they ship to the UK for a fee.

Jesus Dress Up is loads of fun. And sometimes it changes!

Redneck Neighbor


Human Virus Scanner


The Pornolizer is a translator page

Vegetarian Shoes

Neuticles -- are you really going to click a link with a name like that?

Annoying or Not? for when you REALLY have nothing to do.

Customers Suck

Dog In Elk

Etiquette Hell

God Bipolar

High-Contrast Mobile

Mullets Galore

Radical Midwives

Death ClockHow long have you got left?

Utah Baby Namer Don't have a baby without it!

More soon... too soon, probably.

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