Richard Letts attended all the festivities, and got into the spirit of things quite nicely. He wrote up a review of the weekend and posted it on Usenet. Here is a copy for you to read.

Subject: Susan & Dave's Wedding
From: Richard Letts 
Date: Mon, Apr 12, 1999 15:08 EDT
Message-id: <7etgc0$h0l$>

		     Report on Susan & Dave's Wedding

Friday Night Open House

I zipped down the motorways and along the A14, only coming to a halt
where the police had pulled three cars over and everyone else was
rubber-necking. Sigh. I managed to follow Dave's directions to his
house, and apart from not knowing my left from my right when arriving
at the quaint hamlet managed to find the house okay. I was greeted
at the door by Susan & Dave (I have to say that I thought this was
very good of them going to this effort the night before the Big
Day). This gave me an opportunity to give Dave some OS/2 software
and Mac software, and the loverly Susan something to be enjoyed in
private. I went off to meet and greet the family and friends present

Many of the other Snugglies were there: Charles was there (Sans sandals
amazingly enough), as was Zareh, Stu (and Lenore), DNReid. I also met
many of Dave & Susan's relatives (at this point my mind goes into
a morass of names) and some of Susan's friends from San Francisco
(Emma and Shannon who worked as veterinary assistants at the same
place Susan did).

Here I sampled Susan's wonderful cooking. The Quiche was wonderful,
and the cakes fantastic. I can foresee Dave's waistline expanding
over the coming years.

Dave's niece wanted a piggy-back; everyone over 5"9 declined, grabbing
hold of their backs, so I volunteered and took her for a ride around
the ground floor of Dave's house. I also had a demonstration of 'Home
Highway' which looked quite nifty. 

Just after 10pm, people started departing for sleeping and Lucy "The
Organiser" came around checking off how everyone was getting wherever,
where they were sleeping (and who with) and the such like for tomorrow.

David Reid & I shared a room at 'Sleeperz' on Station Road
in Cambridge, when 'Station Car Park' would have been a better
description. This took a little finding, but asking the directions of
a cabby on station road elicited a useful response. The 'hotel' was
a converted storage depot with wooden beams done as railway sleepers
with bunk-beds.

Saturday "The Big Day" David and I walked to the wedding, which was
held at Newnham College (this is still a women-only college). The
ceremony was conducted in the Hall, and was very good. David was the
video-ographer and had the best view of the ceremony, from behind the
registrar on the dais. During the part where the registrar asked if
there was any reason why they could not get married Dave's cousin's
son (Sam, aged 2) started laughing loudly at the back of the hall,
raising a smile on many people's faces. After the ceremony Dave
lustily swung Susan in his arms and kissed her.

We went outside and had drinks on the lawn whilst photographs of the
joyful couple were taken by many people. Fortunately it wasn't raining,
and the sun even came out whilst the photograph of us all was taken. alas
the wind picked up, and people stated getting cold, so we went inside
to await the reception. Whilst we waited Lucy again made sure everyone
knew where they were going, and I volunteered to give Elaine and Sue,
a lift to the ceilidh and back since their hostel was just around the
corner from Sleeperz.

The meal was very good indeed, the soup excellent, the vegetarian dish
good and the pudding very refreshing (It is a pity it's not the done thing
to ask for seconds). After this came the speeches, with a sweepstake
on the length of the best-man's (17 minutes I believe) being run by
Lucy. Speeches were made (and recorded to be used in evidence later)
and many revelations made. Susan's sister made the 'the father of the
bride's speech' and told us all about Susan's nicknames and her desire
to raise pigs. Marianne (my beloved) and Stu were credited with bringing
the happy couple together. I had a little sniff that M couldn't be there
with me. Lucy was thanked for her help in organising the wedding, and
obviously has a future career opening there for her. After this came
the cutting of the cake, and its eating: Susan's cake was excellent
(though I did have to ask for a plate with a slice of each on it).

Katherine gave the four of us a lift back to Station Road, so we
could pick up stuff from the hotel, have another coffee and unwind
a little before heading off to Rampton Village Hall for the dancing.

There was more of Susan's (and her friends') excellent cooking on
display, and ready for eating at the hall, quiches, cheeses.... I
know it sounds like we spent all of our time eating, but it was
really very good.  The chocolate brownies need a special mention
here. I poked about in the kitchen for a while, I'm not sure if I
really helped much or just got in the way.. Susan made the pottery
that the evening meal was served on, and Dave made the cake stand.

Whilst we were eating the ceilidh band played some music, then The
happy couple dragged others onto the dance area for dancing, which
was great fun indeed. I missed Marianne at this point: surely soon
I'll be able to swing her around with the gay abandon Susan and Dave
demonstrated. During the hat dance one of the other guests in a fit
of exuberance managed to shred the seat of his pants, and I'm sure
many of the other participants gained bruises in the melee.

The final dance I participated in was 'stripping the willow' which
was quite complicated... and shortly after this I took Elaine and
Sue back to their youth hostel whilst David drove his own car there.

In all a joyous time was had by all, and I'd like to thank Susan
and Dave for a wonderful time, and wish them every happiness for
the future.


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