This is a copy of the mail I sent out to people who were coming in from other places. It'll give you an idea of the sequence of events.

It's very nearly that time, so here is some information you might want to have:

This time of year it can be anything. It has been cloudy/overcast,
but with more blue in the sky each day. It could still rain, be
cold, or be hot. For last minute packing purposes, check

General sequence of events:

Friday night, 9 April -- instead of a rehearsal dinner, we're having
sort of an open house at Dave's place in Rampton, address above.
Snacky food, get to know some of the other guests, help me panic a
little, etc.

Saturday, 10 April -- wedding vows at 11:30 am at Newnham College's
Sidgwick Hall. There will be signs at the college pointing the way,
and reserved parking in the Fawcett Car Park and the Rosalind Franklin Car Park.
12 noon - 1:30 pm -- receiving line and beverages, a bit of
photography, general happiness and chatting. If it's nice we can go
out in the garden for this, if it's rainy, we'll be in a roomy corridor.
From 1:30-4:30 (or 5:00) -- in College Hall for the "Wedding
Breakfast," which is actually lunch, but as it's the first meal of
the new marriage, the Brits call it a breakfast. Soup, main
course, dessert and coffee, cutting of the cake, speeches, eating of
the cake. Beverages are red or white wine, or for non-drinkers
elderflower cordial, sugar-free lemonade (like Diet Sprite, but a
bit zippier), orange juice.

Please note, Newnham College forbids all throwing of confetti, rice,
birdseed, rose petals, and the like.

There is a brief break in here in case anyone wants to rest up or
see Cambridge for a bit. If anyone wants a quick walking tour of
Cambridge, let us know and pass the information on to local
volunteers. Some people will be dashing right out to Rampton to
whip the Village Hall into shape, so if you feel like working you
certainly can join in. Rides will be available from Cambridge to
Rampton for those in need.

6:00 -- the evening reception begins. The owner of the local pub is
setting up and operating a cash bar at the Village Hall that night.
I have asked him to be sure to include plenty of non-alcoholic and
sugar-free choices, and he has assured me that he will. There will
be a table of nice food for your pleasure.
7:30-9:00pm -- the ceilidh band plays. We all dance like fools (the
more foolish the better!). We eat, drink, and dance some more.
10:00-12:00 -- the band plays. We eat, drink, and dance some more.
We (well, not ME) clean up the hall and go back to our rooms.

We'll try to arrange to meet your transportation needs, and to find
accommodations for those who still need them, but be sure to let us
know early so we can use our last minute panic allotment for the
actual wedding. It is assumed that anyone traveling from the US
will need rides between venues and to/from their accommodations.
We're lining up volunteers (there are many!), but will also provide
you with the number of a mini-bus company or two in case some of you
want to rent a van to get you around as a group (up to 10). You'll
have plenty of choices!

We're not actually leaving town until the next day, so if anyone is
still around early afternoon Sunday and wants to meet up for lunch
somewhere, let me know.

See you soon!


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